Project Barbados – Week 3

CaptureThree weeks today I’ll be in Barbados. The time is flying past quicker than I thought it would. Week 3 of my fat loss project is over and right now I’m feeling a bit annoyed at myself as some of my food and drink choices this weekend haven’t been exactly consistent with my goals. But hey – what’s done is done, let’s focus on the positives from the week gone by.

This was the final week in the run up to the start of Extreme Inferno which starts tomorrow. Julia advised us to have a relatively light training week to make sure that we were starting the 12 week programme fresh. Since it’s not long since I returned from injury, and I have a natural down week on the horizon in three weeks time, I carried on pretty much as normal but have given myself some extra rest this weekend.

On Monday I tried out an online video workout. A collaboration between Sweaty Betty and Barry’s Bootcamp. I’m a massive fan of Sweaty Betty workout clothes and have heard lots of good things about BB so I was excited to see what was in store. I really enjoyed the workout and my glutes were aching for days afterwards!

Tuesday was a body weight workout where I focussed a lot on pull ups. I moved down to a lighter resistance band and spent quite a lot of time working on negatives – where you perform just the lowering part of the exercise. I was really pleased with how I did. Next goal is a full pull up with the smaller band.

20140619_071005By Wednesday I had sore glutes from Monday and lats from Tuesday so I took a rest day. Thursday was a glorious morning and I decided to get out in the sun and do some sprints. A perfect opportunity to try out my new sports headband from Halo. Halo headbands are technically designed to keep sweat out of your eyes while you are working out. They have a Sweat Block seal which stops sweat from dripping down onto the face. It’s been really quite warm in London over the last week or so and I’ve been getting particularly hot and sweaty while working out. Sprints in the sunshine definitely put the headband to the test – it stayed put and kept the sweat out of my face. Result!

20140620_071359Friday was more bodyweight and core work. Another sweaty session where the headband came in very handy! I’m thinking about investing in another one as I do like to be coordinated when I work out, even if no-one else is around. There’s 13 different colours in the range so plenty to choose from. I quite like the look of the visor bands too – I don’t really like running in a full cap as it makes my head hot but this looks like it could be a good halfway house.

Food and drink was pretty much on track during the week but as I’ve confessed already, not so great this weekend. No excuses here, just some poor decisions but with Extreme Inferno starting again tomorrow I’m putting that behind me and focussing on the week ahead.

I took my photos and measurements for my start of EI stats. I’m really not far off my best ever set of measurements – the marathon flab has pretty much gone which pleases me a lot.

And in case you didn’t see it elsewhere – I was in the Daily Mail this week with Julia! I’m not a fan of the paper, nor of the headline that they’ve used for the article but I’m always keen to help Julia spread her message about the most effective form of exercise for fat loss. This blog went a little bit crazy on Monday and Tuesday as a result!

Three weeks to go and a new 12 week fitness programme starting tomorrow. I’m focussed and ready to get blasting more fat. Bring on Week Four!

Disclosure – Halo sent me a headband free to charge to try out. However, all views are my own.

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  1. Hey Becca I was just looking g for reviews on the sweaty Betty resistance bands and your blog came up and I realised I recognised that face! I was next to you at the good vibes class on Friday!
    Great blog. I was thinking if doing the Julia Buckley programme, I’ve got the book and I’m in the Facebook group but it never really happened! Should really give it a go as everyone’s results I’ve seen have been so incredible.

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