Project Barbados – Week Six – we’re here


So my six week pre holiday fat loss project is over and I’m typing this from the veranda of our hotel room in Barbados. We’ve been here since Saturday afternoon and it’s beautiful – the view from our room really isn’t that different to the photo above. Stunning.

In reality my fat loss project doesn’t finish here – I’m only 3 weeks into Extreme Inferno and there’s another 9 weeks to go, including this one. I’ve packed plenty of workout clothes and a resistance band and have already done two workouts. It’s really humid here so I really worked up a sweat but luckily the pool is just steps away from our room –  the perfect way to cool down.


I’ll update with my progress through the rest of EI at the end of each phase. There’s already progress for sure – I’m lifting heavier weights, achieving more reps and I feel stronger. I’ll do some weights and measures next week – although the after effects of a week’s holiday might mean that it’s a few more weeks until there’s any significant change there.

It’s going to be pretty easy to eat well here – loads of fresh fruit, meat and fish on offer. On the other hand alcohol is also in plentiful supply –  champagne at breakfast and lots of lovely cocktails and the local beer is also pretty nice. I’m going to relax and enjoy myself for the week – I’m on holiday after all!


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