National Fitness Day

10407471_10152250528691012_4587385522592345905_nIt was National Fitness Day on Friday. Hundreds of venues across the country opened their doors to allow people to try out classes for free.

I went to a Body Combat class in Covent Garden. It was run by Les Mills and I absolutely loved it. Inspired by mixed martial arts it featured moves from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. I got a proper sweat on in the 30 minute high intensity session. 48 hours later I still have DOMS to talk about. Great fun!

National Fitness Day was all about getting involved and trying something new. I’m really glad I did – it’s made me interested in trying out other boxing or martial arts based fitness sessions. I don’t want to get into fighting but the moves are tough and the guys running the class looked super fit!!



I spent the whole session next to this guy trying for the life of me to place him as I thought he looked really familiar. Only afterwards did I realise that he was Greg Whyte – the man that completed Davina McCall’s Sport Relief challenge with her this year and National Fitness Day expert. Wish I’d realised earlier – I would have asked him to post for a selfie with me! 20140926_122107~2

Did you get involved in National Fitness day? What did you do?

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  1. Nice post Becca. I haven’t done it, but boxing training is supposed to be brutally effective at getting you fit. If you ever do decide to fight, let men know, I’ll come and watch 🙂

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