Taking a holiday?

I’m just back from a lovely two week holiday in the USA. We spent time in Chicago, Denver and New York and I thoroughly enjoyed the break. My holiday period coincided with the halfway point of the current round of Extreme Inferno, Julia Buckley’s online fat loss programme. The programme is 12 weeks long so two weeks away from home might seem like a  good excuse to take a couple of weeks off from my fitness schedule as well.

But I didn’t view it that way.

Holidays for me are time off work, time to relax and unwind and spend time with Mr J, time to explore new places, enjoy good food and drink. Generally time to enjoy myself. And I enjoy training – I love working out and how it makes me feel. So while some people might decide to take a fortnight off their usual schedule I planned to fit in as many of the EI workouts as possible.

Being able to do that took some forward planning. Research into what facilities would be available in the places that we were staying, thinking about how much workout kit I could afford to pack and whether I had any opportunity to wash it, scheduling workouts that I could do without any equipment for the days when I wouldn’t have access to a gym.

Coregasm in our 52nd floor apartment
Coregasm in our 52nd floor apartment

One of the great things about Extreme Inferno is the mix of workouts – there are plenty of sessions that require no equipment at all (like Coregasm which you can try out for yourself here), and others where it’s easy to improvise. My carry on case came in handy one day as an improvised weight along with some bottles of water. Other sessions allowed me to make the most of the fantastic facilities I had access to in Denver and Chicago.

Brilliant free weights area in Chicago
Brilliant free weights area in Chicago

Our apartment block in Chicago had a gym facility on the 9th floor. A great space with lots of equipment and most importantly for me a brilliant free weights area.

Happy Becca.

Fantastic facilities in TruFit in Denver

Then in Denver we had access to an absolutely enormous gym with pretty much everything you could think of, including a climbing wall and full TRX rig!

So while we were away I managed to keep up with the EI schedule, which definitely helped to balance out some of the extra alcohol and not so clean food which was consumed.

And I also picked up some fab new leggings too.


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