Chatting about strength training for runners

Last night I took part in a webinar with a fab lady called Julie Creffield aka Fatty Must Run who is a blogger, running coach and campaigner for plus sized runners. She has a virtual running club The Clubhouse which is aimed specifically at plus sized women.

flier1Each month Julie holds a webinar and she contacted me to see if I’d talk about strength training and what it’s done for my running and weight loss. I’ve never done anything like this before and was incredibly flattered to be asked and so jumped at the chance.

She’s sent me a link to a video of the session, it’s basically me and her having a chat with a few questions being asked by some of the women who were listening in. I loved it!

Here’s the video if anyone is interested in listening to me talk about my marathon training and how I got into strength training, taking part in Tough Mudder, how my nutrition has changed and my general advice to people about staying motivated.

I’m not a PT or a fitness professional so all advice is just based on my personal experience.

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