This week I have been mostly – not entering the London Marathon ballot

This week saw the opening of the ballot for the 2016 London Marathon. Hundreds of thousands of people will have entered for their chance to run one of the worlds most iconic races. This year, my name was not among the entries.

Photo credit - London Marathon website
Photo credit – London Marathon website

Having watched the 2015 event from just after Mile 23  I won’t say that I wasn’t tempted to enter.  From the elites cruising past at a speed I can maintain for maybe 200 meters, to Paula Radcliffe looking strong and composed as she powered past. From the friends that I saw setting personal bests and loving it to those setting personal worsts but still enjoying every step of the way. From the fastest ever superhero to the people that would take over 7 hours to complete the 26.2 miles. Each person taking part on April 26th made it an inspirational and exciting race to watch.

Photo credit - Kiera Parkes
Photo credit – Kiera Parkes

There were several times watching the race where I thought “I wish that was me” but for the first time while watching the marathon there were other times when I thought “I’m glad I’m not doing that”. While it was easy to get caught up in the emotional of the day, for once the rational side of my brain was also contributing to the thoughts running through my mind. I’ve run two London Marathons and I’m proud of that but right now marathon running isn’t for me. I don’t know whether or not it ever will be again, and I’m OK with that. I’ve found new fitness passions that seem to suit my body better than long distance running and for now I want to explore what I can achieve with those, rather than commit to a winter of marathon training. So I wish everyone that has entered the very best of luck, it really is an amazing race and one I’m incredibly grateful to have experienced twice. For those of you lucky enough to get a ballot place I’ll be out supporting for sure, but for next year at least I’ll be leaving the marathon running to you!

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