Running for fun

IMG_20150510_133545Back in April I talked about how I was going back to basics and learning to run again. Having built up my confidence, and frankly got a bit bored of steady running on the treadmill it was time to take my running out of the gym and back outside.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Slowly, steadily and with some walking breaks here and there I’ve been back out running the streets of London.

In the main I’ve loved it. The weather has been kind and made for some lovely running conditions. I’d forgotten how amazing it feels to run with the sun shining and warming your skin. I’d forgotten the beautiful views that you get running by the Thames. I’d forgotten how much quicker the time passes when you’re actually running ‘somewhere’ rather than just on a conveyor belt in the gym. I’d forgotten just how alive running can make me feel.

It’s not all been easy. At times my legs have felt like lead and haven’t wanted to keep going. At times my lungs have been the ones that haven’t wanted to join the party. But overall the good has outweighed the bad.

IMG_20150503_134145One of the best things has been running with a group of women from my gym. We’ve been going out on ‘fun runs’ together and it has been just that. Fun. No pressure, no competition, just running at our own pace and enjoying the company.

And I’ve decided that for now that’s all I want from my running, for it to feel like fun. While I am wearing my Garmin so I know how far I’ve gone, I’m paying no attention to my speed. I am slower than the rest of the group and have needed to take walking breaks here and there. Courtney who is leading the group (and is also to thank for the group photos) has been fantastic at staying with me and not making me feel like I’m holding anyone back, one of the things that has put me off running with groups in the past.

It’s just under 5 weeks until race day and I’ve done two 3 and a half mile runs which have felt comfortable. I’m confident that by race day I’ll be in a place where 6.2 miles should feel the same.

I’m not going to set myself any targets for the race other than to relax, soak up the atmosphere, enjoy myself and have fun.


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