Ready to rebel!


I can’t quite express how excited I am right now. I’ve just had a peak at all the workout materials for Phase One of Julia Buckley’s new body transformation programme Rebellion that starts on Monday. It looks like it’s going to be fantastic and I cannot wait to get started.

Already I can see just how much flexibility there is going to be. The full schedule is 60 minutes each day consisting of three 20 minute workouts. Sculpt – full on strength training, Shred – high intensity cardio moves to blast the fat and Sustain – a new feature in Julia’s programmes focussed on mobility and recovery. These can be done back to back, split up over the course of the day or mix and matched around other training – which on some days is going to be perfect for me.

Julia explains more about her online gym and the Rebellion programme here. Well worth a watch.

For the next 12 weeks I have set myself one goal and one goal only. To shed fat. At other times during Julia’s programme’s I’ve been focussed on running goals or strength goals at the same time but this time I want my sole focus to be on reducing the amount of fat on my body.

20150613_075907I’ve done my weights and measures so I know where I’m starting from, and taken some photos – including some in a pair of shorts which I want to wear on holiday in September – they do up OK at the moment, but they’re not exactly comfortable!

I want to see both my weight and my body fat percentage decrease. I know I’ve spoken before about the scales being a bad measure of progress, and I still believe that on their own they are. But the fact is that I’m carrying too much fat and that fat weighs something so I want to see both figures decrease. I’m not going to set a particular numerical target as I’ve been on this journey for long enough to know it doesn’t always work like that. However, if those shorts are comfortable by September I will have achieved my aim.


IMG_20150603_213639To help keep me focussed and accountable on my fat loss goal I’m going to post regular updates here and also use my new Daily Greatness Training Journal which I splashed out on recently. I find it relatively easy to motivate myself to exercise – I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. It’s always the food and drink side of things that I struggle with. I hope that recording how I’m feeling and what I’m eating and drinking is going to help keep me on track and remind me that I want these shorts to fit well, more than I want that third glass of Prosecco or snack! The journal is lovely and colourful and appeals to the part of me that still likes coloured pens and stationary. (I know I’m not alone in this). Electronic diaries are fine but sometimes there’s nothing like good old pen and paper. I’ll post more about whether or not I find it useful.

This weekend I’ll plan out my first week of workouts and my food. Then it’s just a matter of getting it done.

Let the Rebellion begin!

Want to come and join in? You can sign up here for just £7 a week.

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