Rebellion – end of Phase 1

Well that has absolutely flown by. Three weeks ago I was all excited about getting started on Julia’s new programme and now here I am at the end of Phase 1. I’m loving Rebellion – it’s shaping up to be my favourite programme of Julia’s so far – that’s mainly due to the flexibility of it and the fact that it’s fitting into my life and around my other training incredibly well. The sessions are short, focussed and challenging and because each one is only around 20 minutes long I am really putting my all into them.

20150701_071029I don’t know what it’s been like where you are this week but London has been having a bit of a heat wave so I’ve been having some of my sweatiest workouts ever. The beauty of doing most of this programme at home is that I’ve been able to be in a sports bra and shorts while doing it, not an outfit that I’m yet confident enough to wear to the gym (one day).

This week was the first week where I’ve had both my in-person PT session and Olympic lifting to fit in, as well as my Rebellion sessions. I was a bit concerned about how this would all work out but it’s actually been really good. I’ve effectively got 15 different workouts at my disposal with Rebellion and it’s been easy to pick ones to do around those other sessions which haven’t left me feeling totally wiped out or too achey. Far from it actually. Given how hot and draining the weather has been I’m feeling surprisingly sprightly and really looking forward to finding out what Phase 2 has in store.

I’ve decided to do my measurements and weigh myself at the end of each 3 week phase. It’s enough time to see some changes although clearly they’re not going to be dramatic, it’s only 3 weeks after all. I’m very pleased to report that I’ve lost an inch off my hips, half an inch off my waist and 1.8% of my body fat – which equates to about 3lbs. I’m really pleased with that progress in a relatively short space of time and it’s got my fired up to dig into Phase 2 and keep up with the good work on my diet.

Bring on Phase 2! 20150625_065435

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