Rebellion – end of Phase 2 and halfway!

Today marks the halfway point in Rebellion – Julia Buckley’s 12 week fat loss programme that I’m following. I can’t believe how fast this programme is going – with each phase being just three weeks there’s never time to get bored of the workouts and there’s definitely no time to get complacent.

One of Julia’s mantras for this programme is that ‘lost time is lost time’. Whether you do the workouts or not, eat well or not, the time is going to pass anyway. So rather than worrying about doing everything perfectly it’s much better to just get stuck in and do the best you can. Doing something, rather than nothing is bound to lead to better results. These 12 weeks will pass anyway whatever I choose to do, or not do.

And that mantra has stuck in my head on the mornings when it’s been difficult to get out of bed. “Just do something” I tell myself and that helps to get me going. Invariably by the time I’m 15 minutes into the workout I’m feeling awake and better for it.

20150723_070236I’ve enjoyed the Phase 2 workouts just as much as Phase 1 if not more. A great mix of strength, HIIT and flexibility/mobility moves in the new Sustain section. That’s me in bow pose – not exactly elegant but an amazing stretch after a tough workout.

Lots of people following the programme had said how much they liked the Rebellion logo and how great it would look on a vest. So listening to feedback, as she always does Julia got some produced. This week I took delivery of two vests, one grey and one black – they’re slightly different to each other and I love them both.


So at the halfway point it’s time to take stock of my progress. My weight and body fat are both down from when I started six weeks ago. I’ve lost an inch off my tummy, half an inch off my waist, an inch from around my chest and half an inch off the top of my arms.

This morning was progress photo time and I’m pleased with what I see. I think the back view shows the most obvious changes across my upper back, but the side view also shows that my lower belly and upper arms are also shrinking.

Seeing this progress will keep me focussed on the second half of the programme, alongside the fact that in five weeks time I’ll be in Australia and wearing this bikini in public!


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