Rebellion – end of Phase 3

This programme is going by so fast. It’s now the end of week 9 and the end of Phase 3 and there are just 3 weeks left to go until I take my ‘after’ photos and submit them to Julia. I’ve got to admit that I’ve not been quite as on top of Phase 3 as I was of 1 and 2. I was away with work for the first week and then my schedule has been a bit mixed up so it’s meant that I’ve not fitted in quite as many of the workouts as I’d have ideally liked to.

PhotoGrid_1438846520087That’s not to say that I’ve enjoyed it any less. There have been some absolute beasts in this Phase – in particular a HIIT session comprising various push up and burpee variations that has left me feeling absolutely done in after only 15 minutes of work. Killer!

I’ve also enjoyed mixing up the interval sessions and using the spin bikes at my gym, something that I’ve not done for a while. I think it’s good to give the body a different challenge and make it sit up and take notice.

And it appears that my body is taking notice. In the last couple of weeks I’ve started to get comments about the fact that I’m shrinking. I saw my osteopath on Friday who commented that he could feel I was more muscular and Jess, my in person PT has noticed as well.

I’ve almost given up on weighing myself as the scales say exactly the same thing as they did 9 weeks ago but the tape measure tells a different story. In the last 3 weeks I’ve lost another half an inch from around my waist and my tummy which I’m really pleased about.

PhotoGrid_1439734194124I tried on my target shorts yesterday morning and they are definitely more comfortable than they were 9 weeks ago as this photo shows. In two weeks time I’ll be wearing them in Australia so I want to stay focussed in this fortnight before we fly and make sure that I finished the programme off on a high.

I’m really pleased with my progress so far and two weeks is enough time to make a bit more of a difference if I keep my food tight and keep smashing out the workouts.

Yesterday I went over to Julia’s and recorded some new workouts for her website for after Rebellion finishes. I really enjoyed the workouts, three short but intense strength sessions, and felt far more comfortable about being on camera than when I first recorded a session with Julia at the end of last year. I can’t wait to see how the videos have come out!



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