What’s up with the supplements? Review and giveaway of Ateronon Active

I’m not a big fan of supplements. I try and get everything that I need nutrition wise from my diet without having to add in lots of pills and potions.  I do use protein shakes here and there but apart from that I try and get what I need from real food. I think that I do alright, I consider myself to be generally pretty healthy, I don’t get ill easily and I reckon that I must be doing a reasonable job of getting the vitamins and minerals that I need from my diet. So I’m usually pretty sceptical when I’m approached about trying out some fancy new pill or concoction and very wary of any bold claims that they make about effectiveness.

However, when I was contacted by Cambridge Nutraceuticals about trying out Ateronon Active, I didn’t dismiss the opportunity straight away because something in the literature they sent through rang a bell.

“Ateronon Active contains bioavailable curcumin. Curcumin is the key active ingredient of turmeric – a spice well known to provide a range of health benefits. The curcumin in Ateronon Active has been shown to be 30 times more bioavailable than standard forms of curcumin. 

A study published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in November 2014 found that bioavailable curcumin, incorporated in the unique delivery Meriva® system used in Ateronon Active, has the potential for preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), by reducing the effects of pain intensity and muscle injury”.

It was as I read the last sentence that I remembered where I had hear about this before. A friend and fellow blogger Leah had spoken about how she had experienced benefits from taking turmeric when recovering from injury during marathon training. I was about to start a period of reasonably intense training following a three week holiday and was expecting to suffer from some pretty serious DOMS. So I thought if this stuff can help with that then bring it on.

20150921_063325So here I am two weeks into my Ateronon Active trial, and I have to say, slightly to my own surprise, I’m quite impressed. I’ve been taking one tablet a day as instructed on the packet. I’ve been working out 6 days out of 7, pretty intensely on most days and although I’ve had some aches and pains they’ve been nothing like what I expected. Previously having come back to intense training after a break I’ve been hobbling around like an old woman for days. This time I can feel like my muscles have been working but I’m moving around freely and certainly not in any pain.

Of course I can’t prove that the lack of DOMS is due to the Ateronon Active because I can’t trial it scientifically on myself, but other people who are able to do such tests agree. The formulation has been studied at the Olympic Research Centre in Barcelona and is used by elite athletes and top European football clubs as part of their training regimes.

For me the key question for a blogger when they’ve been sent something to review is ‘would you spend your own money on it?” and with this one the answer is yes. I’ll be placing an order for another pack once these are nearly finished. At £19.99 for a months supply, or around 70p a day I’ll definitely be buying some more and this price gets even lower if you buy in bulk

And for four lucky readers you can try before you buy. I’ve been given 4 packs to give away and all you need to do is leave a comment below this post to say that you’d like to win. Entries close on Friday 9th October and I’ll pick the winners at random and inform them by Sunday 11th October.

If you want to find out more about Ateronon Active or the other products in the Ateronon range then you can sign up for the Ateronon newsletter here or find them on social media here

Twitter: @ateronon

Facebook: facebook.com/Ateronon

Instagram: @ateronon

Update – the random number generator gave me numbers 8, 2, 6 and 7 which means Deb, Jane, Rose and Kay you’ve won! Please send your postal addresses to fromsnickerstomarathon@gmail.com.

If anyone else wants to try it out for themselves I also have a 20% discount. Just use code MARATHON20 at checkout

14 thoughts

  1. I get so many aches and pains now it would be nice not to have as many after exercising! I’d like to win please 🙂

  2. That definitely sounds interesting Becca – I must admit that I do already take a few supplements – evening primrose (cause my family hate me if I don’t!), magnesium (supposedly to help me sleep but I’m not sure it helps) and a compound of stuff for my squeaky knees! I do also eat well so I probably don’t need this stuff but I’m frightened to stop whilst I’m feeling okay!
    I’d like to try these out so please can you add me to the ‘I’d like to win’ list!


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