Julia Buckley’s Ignite – Pilot Week 1

Did you read my post last week where I predicted that short workouts wouldn’t mean easy workouts? I was right. The Ignite workouts might only be 30 mins long and require no equipment but they are pretty challenging and I’ve ended up in a sweaty mess after each and every one of them.


The 30 minute format includes a warm up and cool down and is the perfect amount of time for me in the morning before work. I like the idea of adding a weights session to the start of one of these as well to make something slightly longer for when I have more time, which for me is at the weekend.

The workouts are only part of this pilot – I am also recording my progress with my daily goals which are:

1 – take 10,000 steps every day – ticked this one off each day with an average of 10700 over the course of the week. Setting this target has made me get up and move around which has to be good.

2 – healthy snacks – there have been no cakes, crisps, or biscuits this week. I’ve had a square of 85% dark chocolate but apart from that nothing chocolate related has passed my lips either.

3 – limit my alcohol to a couple of drinks no more than 3 times a week – I had a glass of wine on Friday and a few drinks yesterday. I’m counting that as a win.

After just one week it’s too soon to expect my jeans to fit any differently but I’ll try them on again next weekend when it’s possible I might notice a difference.

I’m feeling good and very focused. I think that’s a lot to do with the accountability aspect – I’ve said I’m going to do these thing, so I will!



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