Julia Buckley’s Ignite – Week 2

Two weeks into the Ignite Pilot programme and the time is flying by. A four week programme doesn’t sound like long, and it’s really not. Knowing that I’m already halfway through is really keeping me focused on my goals – it feels like every day really counts.

20151123_070610Knowing what was coming with the workouts this week made it easier to dig in – I knew the moves and could just get straight on with them rather than waiting for a demonstration. That meant that while I might have expected things to feel easier this week, they didn’t – because I was pushing harder in the workouts now that I knew what to do. Most mornings, just like last week I’ve ended up in a sweaty mess with my hair stuck to my face!


The length of the workouts really is perfect for me in the mornings. 30 mins to warm up, workout and cool down. No faffing about setting up equipment or changing weights between sets – just me, the laptop and my mat. I’m appreciating the simplicity of it all.

This week I’ve mixed these workouts in with my other training – a PT session, an Olympic Lifting session and then some weights and intervals at the gym today. This has worked well for me – I had missed the weights the week before.

So how have I done with my daily goals?

1) To take an average of 10,000 steps per day – I’ve done just over 10,000 steps per day averaged out over the week. This goal is making me get up from my desk during the day – it’s a good thing!

2) To have only healthy snacks – 2 crisps found their way into my mouth on Wednesday before I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to be eating them. Other than that snacks have all been healthy.

3) To limit alcohol to 3 times per week maximum – done. A few glasses on Wednesday and Saturday and a tiny glass of Prosecco on Thursday.

My overall goal for the four week period is to be able to wear my jeans comfortably. I tried them on a couple of days ago and was pretty amazed to find that they fit better already! I’m delighted with that. Lets see how much more comfortable I can make them in the second half of the pilot!


You don’t have to wait for the New Year to get in on the action – Julia’s Online Gym has loads of other workout options available right now. Join via my affiliate link and you’ll get a better deal than by joining direct and I’ll get a small amount of commission – win win!


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