Ignite – pilot complete

Today marks the end of the four week Ignite pilot – Julia Buckley’s new fitness programme which launches early in 2016. My knee is on the mend, but not completely better so I’ve been concentrating on upper body exercise. I did one of the Ignite workouts which I modified a lot to make it do-able.

So now that the four weeks are over, what have I thought of Ignite overall? I’ve really enjoyed the workouts, the 30 minute sessions are perfect for my mornings before work and I like that the warm up and cool down is included. I’m sure the plyometric training was doing wonders for my metabolism before my knee injury meant I had to stop doing it. I think I’ve realised that ‘jump’ training probably isn’t something that I should do everyday – my knees need a rest in between to lessen the impact but I can definitely see myself working these sessions in around strength sessions as part of my week. Once I can jump again that is!

The accountability aspect has worked extremely well for me indeed. Even when I’d injured myself I still stuck to my ‘pledges’ – knowing that I’d got to confess any unhealthy snacks to my OH and write it down in my online journal made me really focus on what I was putting in my mouth. That’s been particularly helpful at a time when there’s so many chocolate, mince pies and other festive goodies around!

photogrid_1449732627818Given that I’ve not been able to exercise full on for the last week and a half I’m astounded by my fat loss over the 4 weeks – I’ve lost 5 lbs of fat and my target jeans now fit.  I keep looking at these photos and checking that I’ve used the right ones – it’s a huge change in just a month – I’m absolutely delighted. Julia is really onto something with the accountability thing – for me that’s really made a difference.

It just goes to show what can be achieved when you make your goals public and really focus on taking steps to achieve them.

The Ignite workouts will be available to members of Julia’s online gym in January, alongside her other programmes and standalone workouts. She’s running a crazy winter offer at the moment where membership is 70% off at a frankly bargain-ous less than £10 per month. There’s been lots of new people taking advantage of this offer and there’s a great buzz on the site right now which is fantastic at a time of year when people are usually putting fitness on the back burner. You can come and join in the fun here.

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