2015 reflections

As 2015 draws to a close I’ve been reflecting on the last 12 months and all the things which have happened. Here’s a bit of a recap.


I started the year by trying out the 90 Day SSS plan by Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. I wanted to see if I could break through my fat loss plateau by eating in a different way. I was introduced to the concept of carb cycling – eating carbs only after training and eating reduced carb meals the rest of the time. My body seemed to like it. I learned loads of new recipes, many of which I still use nearly a year later.

1467401_809095212532063_8752020609791327040_nI tried out Strongwoman training, and loved it. Why wouldn’t you want to spend your Saturday mornings flipping tyres and carrying heavy objects around a car park in East London? It’s hard work but makes you feel like a super hero. There’s definitely more of this on the horizon for me in 2016.

11816979_10155901335970343_8168342146976013413_nTalking of feeling like a super hero, 2015 was the year that I took part in my first ever Olympic Lifting competition. It’s pretty nerve wracking lifting in front of an audience so I was delighted to score a personal best in both lifts and got the heaviest women’s snatch of the day.

IMG-20150621-WA0000I ran, but not a lot. I took part in just 3 races this year. The Winter Run, The Colour Run and the Nike Women’s 10K. I enjoyed them all – especially the Nike event where I trained with a group of women from my gym. It was good to find my running feet again after my hip injury last year but this was the year when I truly realised that there’s a new first love in my life these days.

IMG_20150902_181039I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Lapland, Bologna, Australia and Hong Kong this year. Travel is up there with fitness in my list of passions and I just love seeing new parts of the world. I always take my workout gear with me – you never know what you’re going to find, and if there’s no gym available then I improvise. Tricep dips on a rock on the beach in Port Douglas for example!

11264834_10152956877556507_6919970764135796506_oIn 2015 I continued to train online with Julia Buckley. I use Julia’s workout videos around the other training that I do – her online gym is super flexible in that way. I’ve completed her Rebellion 12 week programme and also trialled her new programme Ignite both of which I really enjoyed. I also recorded some more videos for her website – some fun ladders sessions which were short but pretty tough!

My main training aim throughout the year has been fat loss and when I look back on my progress in this area I’m definitely pleased. I struggled through 2014 and a bit at the start of this year but I feel like things have really come together for me in the last six months in particular. Here’s my start and end of 2015 photos – those bikini bottoms fit me so much better!

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2015 was a great year and one that I really enjoyed. Bring on 2016!

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