Julia Buckley’s Ignite – book review

At the end of 2015 I piloted a new fitness programme for Julia Buckley. You can read about how I got on here. Julia has published the programme as an stunning e-book Ignite: 4 Weeks to a Leaner, Faster and hotter Body and I’m very excited to have got my hands on a copy! The pilot was conducted online with access to videos so I was curious to see how the workouts would translate onto paper.


Ignite is a series of 6 workouts which can be done pretty much anywhere – all you need is enough space to lie down in, ideally a mat and a timer. Incredibly versatile, the workouts can be used as an intense 4 week standalone programme or mixed into an existing training routine. The workouts focus on high intensity jump training that builds explosive strength and power.

Capture 2The book starts with an introduction to the kind of training that’s involved and the benefits of that kind of workout. It goes on to talk about how you can use Ignite, depending on your goals. Several people in the pilot group were runners who found that their running improved through doing Ignite. Personally I saw the benefit of Ignite for developing explosive power that would be useful in Olympic Lifting.

Julia continues with a section on important things to know before you start – kind of like the Health and Safety briefing part. Jump training isn’t for everyone and Julia explains how to modify and adapt if you might be one of those people.My own experience is that I need to be careful with this kind of training and I will definitely leave rest days from jumping in between workouts to give me knees a rest. Take heed of Julia’s advice here!

Julia then goes on to explain that exercise on its own won’t create the body that you’re aiming for. Diet and rest are just, if not more important as smashing out those workouts. Julia gives some straightforward advice about both of these.

CaptureAfter some advice on taking your before photos – (they may be unpleasant but believe me you’ll regret them if you don’t) we’re then into the workouts. Each of the six workouts is explained on one page and then afterwards each move is explained with illustrations and tips.

CaptureIt would obviously be far easy to demonstrate the moves in a video but Julia has done a great job of explaining each of the moves so that it’s easy to follow along with just the book. There are tips on form and suggestions for modifications for beginners throughout. Warm up and cool down moves are also included meaning that everything you need for a complete session is right at your fingertips.

I like the style of the book. It’s easy to follow, laid out well with great illustrations. Julia’s writing style is engaging and easy to read. I also like the little motivational messages that she’s placed at various points through the chapters.


Overall I’m really impressed with the e-book, the layout is great and the photographic instructions are easy to follow.

Priced at $9 I think the book is a bargain and if you decide that you want to workout alongside Julia with the videos then they are also available on her members website.

Get your copy of Ignite: 4 Weeks to a Leaner, Faster and hotter Body here .

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