Strongwoman Training Diary – Week 1

This week’s diary is really a week and a bit since I started training last Saturday 2nd. Usually I’ll write these as round ups from a Monday-Sunday.

Saturday 2nd Jan – Strongwoman training session

It’s very different going along to one of these sessions when you know you’ve entered an event. James who runs the gym coached me through 4 of the things I need to do on the day:

Yoke – lots of 2 x 15m walks with 120kg (target 170kg) focussing on form and breathing

20160102_135102Arm over Arm sled pull – this one was new to me. Started at 60kg, then 70kg then 80kg (my target) – good to know I can do this, now need to work on form and speed. I got quite dirty doing this one!

Log press – started with the empty log and worked on technique. Worked up from 20kg in increments of 5kg for 3 reps each. Once at 40kg switched to singles. Finished with 3 singles at 42.5kg. (target is 1 @55kg, previous best was 37.5kg)


Single arm kettlebell press – new one again. I learned the technique with a 12kg bell then went up in 2kg increments. 20kg on right arm and 18kg on left. My target is 20kg so I’m already there but want to train to do this with my left so I can save the strength in my right for the 30kg dumbbell that follows!

It was great to come away from the first session with a few things already ticked off. The challenge is not just upping the weights but putting things together as in the competition things are part of a medley, not just standalone exercises.

Had lunch out with Mr J, came home and had a bath and did a Sustain video from Julia Buckley’s website –   a lovely way to stretch out.

Sunday 3rd Jan – Mobility and recovery

Woke up pretty sore – my shoulders and mid back aching quite a lot and knee not 100% happy. I decided on some steady, low impact cardio really just to get things moving and mobility/stretching/foam rolling. Did 25 mins on the cross trainer and then 30 minutes on the mat and felt a lot more mobile afterwards.

Monday 4th Jan – Core work

Did ‘Sexy stomach’ from Julia’s website, modifying the moves to make them low impact. Worked up quite a sweat.

Tuesday 5th Jan – PT session

Jess and I agree that the deadlift event is going to be one of the most challenging for me so we’re starting work on that early. I need to build not just the strength to lift the weight but the power to get through multiple reps quickly.

Deficit deadlifts (standing on a bumper plate) – working up in sets of 5 from 40kg to 60kg then 3 sets of 3 at 75kg
Romanian Deadlifts – 40kg then barbell bent over rows
3 sets of 8 RDLs and then 3 BORs

Grip work – farmers walks with weight plates

Doesn’t sound like much when I write it down but my legs were twitching by the end, my forearms totally pumped and my grip had failed!

Wednesday 6th Jan – Rest!

Did a Sustain session from Julia’s website to help with mobility and recovery

Thursday 7th Jan – strength session

12509844_10153148219101012_8279096761885609611_nCluster deadlifts @40kg – 3 deadlifts every 30 seconds for 10 minutes
Romanian Deadlifts @40kg – 3 sets of 5
KB swings – 24kg – 3 sets of 10 superset with TRX row – parallel to the floor. 3 sets of 4
Grip work – weight plate farmers walk 2 x 10kg plates to failure

This was before work and before eating! I was done in by the end.

Friday 8th Jan – Ignite session

Modified Ignite #1 stepping out all the jumping moves – was still pretty tough going at the end of a busy week of work and training. I’ve got aches all over the place – shoulders, glutes, back – you name it!

Saturday 9th Jan – Strongwoman training 

20160109_111338Farmers walk up to 115 kg. Tried 120kg – got if off the floor but my grip went. I was pleased with how fast I managed to move with the weight.

Viking Press – maxed out at 4 reps with 12.5kg added to the bars on each side – The bars are ~10kg each so  it was 45kg overall – new PB

Tyre flips – did the 150kg on my own several times, then I did the 250kg together with another woman that I was training with.


Got home and did some stretches and did some Jasyoga resets for hips, hamstrings, back and shoulders.

Sunday 10th Jan – Cardio/strength session

Went to the gym – I had intended to do some cardio but thought I’d better stay off my knee. So I did a mixture of strength work and some faster paced moves to get the heart rate up.

KB single arm press – started at 14kg and worked up to 20kg on the right arm. Got to 16kg on left (no 18kg at my gym)

ViPR presses. New bit of kit in the gym which is like a strongman log. Worked with the 16kg one and did 3 presses from the floor every 30 seconds for 5 minutes then switched to the 20kg one and went to singles until I couldn’t do anymore

Barbell push press – working up from just the bar in sets of 3. Changed to singles at my current max of 42.5kg and then did a single at 45 and 47.5kg. Another new PB :thumbsup: I was going to go for 50kg but knee was complaining so did some foam rolling and called it a day.

What a first week! Some new PBs, some events ticked off already (which is mentally really helpful) and an awful lot of deadlifts.

My knee is pretty sore which isn’t great but I’m doing all the right things to help it recover. I suppose it’s not surprising that it’s complaining a bit as I’d had a relatively relaxed Christmas break and have gone straight into a full on training schedule. Fingers crossed I can manage it between sessions.

I also picked up this top in the Sweaty Betty sale – I wouldn’t usually go for this style but it really made me smile.


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