Strongwoman training diary – week 6

This week is the first week where I don’t feel like I’ve trained to my full capacity. The lower back niggle I picked up last week didn’t improve as I’d hoped – I’ve now had it treated but the recovery has taken me out of action for a few days. Despite that there was still a new PB to report – here’s how week 6 panned out.

Monday 8th February – Rest day

I had intended to do a light workout but woke up with DOMS all around my core area which meant I could barely move without wincing. Rest required!

Tuesday 9th February – Julia Buckley workout and PT session

In the morning I did Breeze on Julia’s online gym – a great session to get things moving relatively gently. I enjoyed this one, I’d forgotten quite a few of the moves so it felt fresh.

This evening was my PT session – we stayed away from deadlifts as my back was still a bit sore from tweaking it last week.

Barbell front foot elevated split squat @ 25kg, 30kg, 32.5kg, 35kg 8 each leg each time

20160209_172114Assisted pull ups – before Christmas I got down to needing just 30kg of assistance on these. Today I set a new pull up PB of 27.5kg of assistance and a chin up PB of 26kg assistance. Given that I’m a bit heavier than before Christmas I’m delighted with that progress. All the pulling work that I’m doing along with the Pheonix sessions from the online gym are obviously helping.

Dumbbell thrusters – warmed up with 2 x 8kg for 8 then 2 sets of 12kg for 5. Working on the thrusting move should with the top part of the log press.

Jess suggested that I stay away from deadlifts for the next week at least until my back is sorted. That means I can concentrate on overhead work for a bit (which is my favourite)

Wednesday 10th February – rest day

An early start at work and then a late evening meant today became a rest day. My back wasn’t feeling any better so I booked an appointment with my osteopath.

Thursday 11th February – Strength session

Did an upper body/carry session this morning.

20160211_073615I started with a new overhead press PB of 52.5kg. I think I could have got the 55kg but I’d been doing it for ages and wanted to move on so I left it at for today.

Carry medley for ~12 minutes every 30 seconds for ~12m – various implements in various holds -overhead, suitcase, zercher etc

Lat pull down – there’s a new cable machine in the gym so I can do these properly now. 3 sets of 3 at 52kg

Saw my osteopath in the evening who said that one of my vertebrae was a bit out of place! No wonder my back was sore. So he did some manipulations to put it back where it should be and then some massage to try and help the surrounding tissue recover.

Friday 12th February – Rest day

My back was really sore following my treatment so this became an unplanned rest day.

Saturday 13th February – Rest day

I’d always planned today to be a rest day – and the first time this year that I’ve not made it to the strongman training session. It was my Dad’s 70th birthday so we spent the day with family and friends. We ate and drank and the heaviest thing I picked up was my 3 year old niece.

Sunday 14th February – Strength session

20160214_125359Back at home so went for a session in the gym. Started with push press and worked up to 50kg – tried the 55kg but it just wasn’t there. It’s possible that prosecco and Chinese food aren’t the greatest of fuel.

After playing around with the one armed dumbbell press – 22kg now comfortable, 24kg not happening yet – I did another carry medley with different implements. I do wonder what that other people (mainly men) in the gym make of me parading around with various bits of kit in my hands or over my head- it’s not something that I’ve seen anyone else do at all!

Then it was onto some lower back and core work that Jess had prescribed for me. Back extensions, side extensions and cable presses. Quite a tough way to end the session.

I’ve taken far more rest days this week than I usually do and only completed 3 training sessions which is far less than usual. I’m pleased to report that my back is feeling a lot better today, I’ll take it easy on the deadlifts for another week just to be sure – backs aren’t to be messed around with. It’s 9 weeks until the competition so there’s still plenty of time yet.



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