Forge – Phase 1 complete

For the past four weeks as well as preparing for my strongwoman competition I’ve been following Julia Buckley’s latest fat loss programme Forge.

I’ve actually still got a couple of the phase 1 workouts to do in the gym later today but since I’m waiting for my breakfast to digest I thought I’d write a quick post about how it’s all gone. I’m pretty pleased with my progress given that I had my comp last weekend and had rested for most of the week before.

PhotoGrid_1465450318205First up the losses:

  • Overall Weight – down by 4lbs
  • Body Fat weight – stayed the same
  • Belly – down by half an inch
  • Chest – down by half an inch
  • Waist – down by half an inch
  • Thighs – down by half an inch
  • Other measurements (calves, arms) the same

I think some of this loss is water loss – I was taking creatine to help with strength and power until last weekend and that makes me retain a bit of water which is now on its way out of my body. But some of the loss has got to be fat as well, regardless of what the body fat scales say. Either way the jeans are fitting ever so slightly better so I’m happy.

Now the gains.

20160610_070623I can do 4 more burpees in a minute than at the start of Phase 1 so have met my goal of adding on one per week. My score is now standing at 18. I’ve increased weights in the strength workouts and increased reps in the power and speed workouts. At just 30 mins long the workouts are short but my goodness they have been tough and I’ve had to use all my mental strength, as well as physical to keep going in some of them.

Julia has just posted the Phase 2 workouts over in the online gym so I’ll be spending some time today looking through them and working out my plan for the week. In 3 weeks today I’ll be boarding a cruise ship for our holiday and I want those jeans to be comfortable. That’s going to take real focus on my diet as well as smashing out the workouts so I’ll be planning out my food for the week as well.

Now the competition is over it’s time to focus fully on my fat loss goals. Under 75kg category I’m coming to get you!


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