Legging Love #2 – Lexie Sport Francis

1a_183e7a8a-4a0c-44ca-8652-bc0005a12f75Next up in my series dedicated to my love of all things lycra are one of the newest pairs of leggings in my collection. The simply beautiful Francis leggings from Lexie Sport. The first piece from the new Rocks collection which according to the Lexie website is inspired by the contrast of the flowing and energetic movements of the female form with the rigidity and strength of semi precious stones – these jewel inspired leggings are absolutely gorgeous.

With 2 way stretch, flatlock seams (keeping you abrasion free) and angled waistbands these British made beauties promise to make you stand out in the gym, park or catwalk. I’m unlikely to be seen on a catwalk anytime soon, but can confirm that these do indeed make me stand out in the gym, and on the tube!

I’ve got these in a medium and they fit perfectly. The material is lovely and soft and the leggings are really comfortable. They’ve got an angled elasticated waistband which stays in place really well. It’s nice and wide so it covers my ‘problem area’. The material isn’t at all sheer so I feel confident squatting or lunging without worrying about what might be on show.

IMG_20150512_214623I’ve worn these for a variety of workouts – high intensity cardio sessions, weights sessions – including Olympic Lifting (as shown in the photo on the right) and they’ve performed really well, staying in place and not requiring any hitching. I’ve not yet tried them for running but suspect they’d probably be OK.

At £65 these aren’t cheap but as with all the Lexie gear I own, they are well made and appear to be durable. They are washing well with no signs of wear and tear.

Featuring an array of blues, greens and purples these are super easy to coordinate and therefore very versatile so overall I think they’ll get a lot of wear and work out to be good value.


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