Legging Love #3 She Fierce Pink Camouflage

20150618_065157You know that thing when brands start following you on social media hoping that you’ll check them out? Yeah, well She Fierce did that to me on Instagram and I’m so glad they did because otherwise I wouldn’t own these beauties.

According to their website the She Fierce mission is to provide a flattering fit, comfortable and breathable active wear. Their products are made out of the finest squat-friendly fabric and they promise that they’re not see-through. No-one wants se-through leggings, squatting or not.

All of their active wear range is made using Four-Way-Stretch Technology which provides excellent range of motion whether working out at the gym, running or doing yoga.

CaptureWhen I first looked at their website my eyes were immediately drawn to these pink lovelies. I am not a very girly girl but I do like hot pink – particularly in my workout wardrobe. So while some women are turned off by pink workout clothes I embrace them with open arms, and credit card.

Having decided that these were going to be added to my collection I was then really disappointed to read their sizing guide and find out that the largest was size 10-12. I’m a 12-14 and too small leggings are not a good look. I registered my disappointment on She Fierce’s Instagram page and quickly got a response saying that they came up quite large and I could try and return if they were too small.

So that’s what I did and when they arrived I was very pleased to find that they fit absolutely perfectly. The fabric is very soft and even though there is some white they’re not at all see through. I’ve worn them for static and more dynamic weight lifting and they stay in place well, the waistband comes up nice and high and is secure.

20150618_073542I haven’t tried them for running yet, they might be OK but generally I go for something with a drawstring to be on the safe side.

At £34.99 these are great value and the material feels like it’s going to be pretty durable. I’ve only washed them once so far but I’m confident they’re going to last well. A great find!

My only criticism is that they ought to be made in bigger sizes – size 14+ girls exercise too!

3 thoughts

  1. This is why I don’t have a credit card. I just can’t resist. Specially sale items! & running/gym kit costs more then my ordinary clothes, but that’s okay 😉
    Glad you like them but it’s a shame the company can’t seem to make their clothes for a wider range of sizes.

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