Legging Love #4 – The Superhero edition

0002-350x400I’ve got quite a few pairs of bright, patterned leggings but these are the ones that have probably attracted the most comments out of all of my collection.

I bought these from Viking Warrior Nutrition after seeing them on fellow lifter and runner Mrs B London.  At £24.99 they are some of the cheapest leggings in my collection. Despite the relatively low price I’ve been impressed with the quality of them and how well they’ve washed – no fading or wearing of the material at all.

What I really like about these leggings, apart from the print is that they have a draw cord. So many leggings in my collection would be so much more versatile with a draw cord added. The ability to do these up relatively tightly means that they are perfect not just for in the gym, but also for running. They stay put and there’s no hitching required. Equally the material is thick enough that I feel comfortable squatting in them without worrying that they’ll be see through. They are one of the few pairs of leggings I own that I can wear for pretty much any activity.

There wasn’t any sizing information on the website so I went with a Large to be on the safe side. Thankfully they fit perfectly for me – I’m a 12-14 – well making my way towards a 12 these days 🙂

In fact the only thing that stops these being my favourite pair of leggings is that they are quite difficult to coordinate. I don’t really have much bright red or yellow in my fitness clothing collection, they’re not colours that suit me particularly well so these tend to be worn with either a black or blue top.

That said, they go very well with my superhero trainers. All I need now is a cape!


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