Nothing needs to be the way it’s always been…

Is the name of a new e-book written by my friend Dawn. It’s a book of her blog posts over the last year or so charting her incredible journey to change her life through the power of Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

I first ‘met’ Dawn on Twitter. She has started using Thinking Slimmer at about the same time as me and was having great success losing a lot of weight very quickly. I found her story inspiring and we started exchanging tweets about how we were both getting on.

Dawn blogs regularly as The Moiderer and as I started to read her blog posts I realised that there was quite a lot more to the journey that Dawn was on that just weight loss. She was having one to one Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions with Trevor, the voice of the Slimpods and the founder of the technique to help her to deal with some pretty big issues stemming from a hugely traumatic childhood and loss of a baby.

With Trevor’s help and in the space of just a year Dawn has changed from someone who hated herself and her life to someone who is genuinely happy and planning for an exciting future as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist herself.

‘Nothing needs to be the way it’s always been’ is a collection of her blog posts relating to her experiences over the past year and is a fascinating read. It’s well written and engaging and although I’ve read many of the posts before, reading them all together in one place as a ‘story’ makes them much more powerful.

I have huge admiration for Dawn and what she’s achieved this year and would really recommend this book as an inspiring read. It’s available as a download on Amazon or Lulu for a very reasonable £1.54.

Dawn and I were part of Team Thinking Slimmer that completed the London Marathon this year, so I even get a couple of mentions!

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