From Strength to Strength

I thought it was about time that I changed the name of this blog.

From Snickers to Marathon was a great name for a blog while I was starting running and training for marathons. But for a few years now there’s been a new love in my life – strength training.


It all started with Julia Buckley and The Fat Burn Revolution pilot. Julia got me into lifting weights and it soon became clear that I had an aptitude for it. Over the course of 2013 my body shape changed completely as it responded to the new challenge. I set personal bests at each distance I ran that year.



In 2014 I met Sally Moss at her Ladies who Lift course. I learned how to deadlift, squat and bench press and my love affair with the barbell began. Later that year Sally taught me how to Olympic Lift – how to throw weight above my head with confidence. I loved it and the way it made me feel.

Then in 2015 my PT Jess Wolny introduced me to Strongwoman, I loved it more than any other strength training I’d previously come across. At New Year 2016 I made a decision – In to train for my first novice Strongwoman competition. I loved it and came third surpassing all my expectations. And so I decided to enter another competition. I loved it even more and this time I won.



I will always have fond memories of my running days. I was lucky enough to run the London Marathon twice and had an amazing experience on both occasions. I ran many other races, met some wonderful people and made some great friends. Running gave me a huge sense of achievement despite the fact that I was pretty slow. It’s what got me off the sofa and into being active and I will never forget that.

These days though I’ve found something that suits me even better. Strength training has changed my body in a way that running never did and gives me even more satisfaction.

It’s safe to say that I’m hooked and so it’s time for this blog to move on.

I hope you’ll stay with me as I go ‘From Strength to Strength’.



5 thoughts

  1. I would love to stay with you as I am an admirer of how positive you pursue goals. Would you please change my email address to:

    Thanks for the ride!!!

    Doreen Healey

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  2. I am bit late on this Becca. I am having a blog catch up today! I think it is a good idea to rename so as to reflect what you are doing. Times change and so do we. I will follow your progress in the world of strength as avidly as I followed your running exploits.

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