Why I’m joining Team Sole for the Shine Night Walk

There are several parts to the fat loss equation. Get your diet right with plenty of protein and fresh fruit and veg, get an exercise plan incorporating resistance training and some high intensity cardio, drink plenty of water, sleep well and make sure that you are generally active. I’m getting back there with the food and water, I love my sleep and I’m always  on it with the structured exercise. But a job in which I spend most of my days at my desk or in meetings and a commute on public transport mean that I’m not always the most active during the rest of the day.

I wear a FitBit Charge that tracks my steps and most days I manage to do 7000 fairly easily. That’s someway shy of the 10000 recommended daily steps though and so I’m always looking for ways to motivate myself to move a bit more.

I was recently asked to join Team Sole for the Cancer Research Shine Night walk and thought that this would be a great goal for me to help me focus on walking more each day. I’m signed up for the half marathon on the evening of September 24th and really looking forward to walking around my city when it’s all lit up and looking lovely.

I don’t have a specific training plan, I’m just going to make sure that I fit in a couple of 8-10 mile training walks before the day. We did quite a lot of walking on holiday recently and my endurance is pretty good, even though I don’t walk very far very often. I’m pretty confident in being able to complete the distance at a reasonable pace, the main question mark is how comfortable my feet will be along the way!

20160726_191237That’s where Sole come in. I’ve been given a pair of Sole foot beds, flip flops and socks to wear for my training. The foot beds and flip flops adjust to give you the amount of support that you need – as someone who wears orthotics to help with over-pronation I’m really interested in trying these out.

I’m already enjoying the flip flops which have been great to slip on after training when me feet are hot and tired. Now all I need to do is decide which trainers I’ll be wearing and get the footbeds settled into them and do some walking!


There are still spaces left for both the half marathon and marathon option so if you fancy taking on the challenge yourself then get signed up! 

And since it’s been a while since I raised any money for charity I’m doing this one to raise money for Bloodwise in memory of my Uncle Brian Thomas. I remember him sponsoring me for my first ever 5K walk, which seemed a long way at the time! If you’d like to donate to this great cause then you can visit my fundraising page here.

I was given a place in the event in return for writing about my training and the event itself. I was also sent some SOLE products to try out for free. As ever all opinions are my own. 

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