Mission sub 75kg – an update

It’s now nearly two months since I wrote the post where I set out my new goal, to get down below 75kg so I can compete as an under 75kg strongwoman. So I thought it was about time to post a bit of an update on my progress – I use this blog as a way to keep myself accountable, as well as share my journey.

So how is it going?

One word, slowly. It’s going slowly.

studio_dumbbell_1-5kg_1When I wrote that post back in July I weighed 87.5kg. Today I weigh 86kg. So I’ve lost weight, and that’s good but my word I’m taking my time about it!

I’m putting that little pink dumbbell there for me. I sniff at those dumbbells in the gym these days considering them to be barely worth lifting up (and also getting annoyed at the fact that they are pink and intended for ‘ladies’). But yeah, that there is in its pink neoprene glory is the sum total of the weight I’ve managed to lose in 2 months.

There are many reasons for this slow progress. All those ‘reasons’ add up to one fact – I’m still eating and drinking too much for my progress to be any quicker. A very social end of August and weekends away at the beginning of September have meant that there have been weeks when I’ve been glad to just stay the same and relieved that I’ve not put on weight.


I was never going to become a hermit to achieve this goal. The last two weekends have been Mr J’s birthday and then our wedding anniversary – both have been celebrated with weekends away, lovely long walks and delicious food and drink. I don’t regret any of that – I mean look at that amazing roast dinner!

But now I need to get more focused, because at my current rate of progress – 1.5kgs in 2 months it’s going to take me well over a year to get to my target and I frankly don’t want to wait that long.

75kg feels like a long way off so I’m going to set some interim targets to help it feel more manageable. I’m a third of my way through a 12 week programme on Julia Buckley’s online gym and by the end of that programme I’ve set myself a target to be under 13 stone, or 82kg.

I’ll post another update on this topic in 8 weeks time and fully intend to be telling you that I’ve achieved that interim goal.

I know what I need to do, I’ve just got to get on and do it!

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