November catch up

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of November already! This has been a very busy month for me so I thought I’d post a quick summary post of what’s been going on in my life.


At the end of October we took a weekend break to Luxembourg. A bit of a random choice based mainly on the fact that we could fly there in an hour from London City Airport, which is very close to where we live. We had no real expectations of the city but it turned out to be absolutely lovely. Expensive, but lovely. We walked, ate, drank and walked some more. The weather was cold and crisp but sunny which made for some beautiful Autumn skies and stunning views. A perfect destination for a short weekend away. I even managed to get in a couple of workouts in the hotel gym.


Then at the start of November we moved into our new flat. Just one floor up in the same block that we’ve been living in for the last 5 years but we now have an extra bedroom and bathroom and heap load more space. So much so that I’ve got my own workout room, which doubles as the second bedroom!


It’s a great space and it’s lovely to have somewhere dedicated for all my workout kit and to not worry about it cluttering up the lounge. I’m absolutely loving it, and everything about our new home so far. Including the incredible views.



A couple of weekends ago I finished the second round of Julia Buckley’s Forge programme, as 12 week fat loss focused programme with 6 x 30 minute workouts each week. I’d set myself a few targets for these 12 weeks – to get my weight under 13 stone, to make some improvements in my pull up and chin ups and to get my 40th birthday dress to fit again. As of today my weight is sitting at 13 stone 1 pound so I am really nearly there. I’ve made great progress on my pull up and chin ups and can now do a couple of really decent negative reps in a row. My 40th birthday dress doesn’t quite fit yet but it’s a hell of a lot closer to doing up than it was. These photos show the changes in my body really well.


I’ve now dived straight into another new programme of Julia’s – a 4 week breakthrough programme to keep me focused through until Christmas. My weight will go under 13 stone and I will get back in that dress by the time my 43rd birthday swings around in December!




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