30 Day Shred – Days 17 & 18

Yesterday was an early start for a 20min run followed by Day 17 of the shred. Safe to say it was a tough session and I was sweating buckets by the end! I didn’t manage a full minute of squat thrusts – these are without a doubt the things I find hardest in level 2 – but I felt OK about it as I’d done the run before.

This morning I was up early again to do Day 18. I was really pleased to get my leg at nearly 90 degrees during the ‘military press and leg extensions’ and think that I’m almost at ‘badass’ Natalie level for everything. Everything with the exception of squat thrusts – another morning where I couldn’t manage the whole minute – I’m going backwards with these and I’m not sure why. Perhaps my technique isn’t right – perhaps they’re just really hard?

So just 2 more days before I’m onto Level 3. I’m a bit scared about that. If the progression is at marked as it was between levels 1 and 2 then I’m in for one tough workout!

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